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Certificate of cremation

The death of pet implies having to carry out several procedures which are regulated by law. According to the current regulations, animals have to be buried or cremated to avoid them becoming sources of infection or poisoning the water and to maintain an identity record.

As part of our funeral and cremation service, we issue official certificates as a company specialised in the collection and treatment of dead companion animals.

Alvero is authorized as a company for the management of organic natural waste.

We offer our clients the possibility to collect the pet at the owner´s house and give him/her the ashes back. If the owner wishes, he/she can also observe the cremation of the pet from a waiting room. In any case, an official certificate of the cremation will be given.

Once the process is finished, the ashes will be hermetically introduced in a bag and this will be placed inside the urn of the owner´s choice.

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