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FAQ   about cremation

What is cremation? Cremation is a process which allows one to reduce animal remains to ashes using equipment specifically designed for this function.

What is the difference between performing an individual or a collective cremation? The individual cremation of pets makes it possible to recuperate the ashes of the pet, as there is one pet in the cremation oven at a time, whereas the collective cremation is performed for several pets at the same time, making it impossible for us to give any ashes back.

Could I be present at my pet´s cremation? Yes. Our facilities are fitted so that you are able to attend to the cremation of your pet. It is advisable, however, to think through the convenience of being present due to the impact that seeing a pet being cremated may cause to children and even to some adults.

How could I be sure that my pet is not mistaken with somebody else´s if I am not present at the cremation? Since the moment that your pet is collected, it will be identified by a tag with its name, race and identification number (ID).

How will my pet´s ashes be given back to me? The amount of ashes resulting from the cremation depends on the animal´s bones and it may vary according to the pet´s weight and health. If we were to calculate an average, we could say that a body weighing 60 kilos produces approximately one and a half kilos of ashes.

Can my pet be accompanied by toys? It is not advisable that toys or any other objects are introduced in the cremation oven. Because of this, if you want your pet to be accompanied by a special object, it could be done but the object will be removed immediately before the body is placed in the cremation oven and be given back to you at the moment the ashes are handed over.

What types of pet can be cremated? A cremation can be performed with any kind of pet: dogs, cats, birds, rodents, reptiles, etc. The process of the cremation and the collection as any additional services that may take place are the same for all types of pet.

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